H.O.R.S.E. Inc. & Feathered Friends
Helpers, Organizing, Rescue, Service, Education
Nonprofit 501 (c) Organization Since 2000
Office 5236 International Ave Mim's Fl,32754
Phone 321-383-9636  e-mail
Visits By Appointment Only
H.O.R.S.E. Inc. has been a Nonprofit 501 (c) Organization Established in 2000 dedicated to providing  
shelter,care,rehabilitation,and adoption services for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted horses. We
also rescue parrots in need, our feather friends are also effected by the economy foreclosure, illness and
owners whom lack knowledge to handle bad behaviors. We provide community resources through equine
education, counseling, information  referral services and community service hours for Local High Schools
Students and the Juvenile Justice program P.A.Y. Our feed bank helps pet owners in times of need We are
funded through individual donations, grants, and corporate sponsorships.H.O.R.S.E. Inc. is an all volunteer
organization. With out your donations of funds and volunteer time we can not continue with our mission. No
donation of funds,items or time is to small,Please help us save those in need.
Summer 2014 Feed Drive
Due to the downturn in the economy, many people in our community have lost their cars, jobs,
and/or homes. With this has come a huge increase in people requesting assistance with feeding
their animals, animal surrenders and animals being abandoned on foreclosed property. The
county animal shelters do not have a temporary assistance feeding program for horses and do
not have the facilities or manpower for horse surrenders. With the recent large layoffs at the
Space Center these calls will increase in the coming months. Like many organizations in the
nation, our Non-profit rescue has come under hard times financially as donations have all but
dried up in many sectors. We depend solely on the generosity of various grants and the
community at large. Please help us feed and care for those that have no voice and are the
unheard victims of our economy we cannot let them suffer. You can donate Hay & Feed funds
through Paypal or send the donation to H.O.R.S.E. Inc. 5236 International Ave Mims Fl 32754
You can also call our local feed store and tell them you would like to donate with a credit card.
Brevard Feed Store 1651 N. Highway US 1 Mims, FL 321-268-4455 Please e-mail us with
your name and address if  you call the feed store to donate so that we can send you a donation
receipt and a thank you note.
No donation is to small and all are greatly appreciated.
                                                                                  ADOPTED APRIL 2014
Incanted Dream Edee Ten year old Arabian Paint cross mare. . Has had some training leads,ties, lunges, and was rode in a plain sniffle bit. A little shy at first
but warms up to you quickly. Approx 14.3 hh  Waved adoption fee. To be considered you Must fill out a Pre-adoption form.
Pre-Adoption Application
                                                                                  UP FOR ADOPTION  
Sunshine a Sun Conure Approx 5 years old, very friendly but can be noisy when he wants to come out of his cage. He will come with his nice big
cage. Adoption Fee with cage $50
H.O.R.S.E. INC. Mission
To facilitate, the protection, conservation, and humane treatment of members
of all Equine & Exotic Bird species. To address the inhumane treatment, of all
Equine & Exotic Bird species , both wild and domesticated through education.
Reduce equine suffering, improve equine health and increase appreciation of
the human equine bond through education and service programs. To use this
bond to help youth to learn respect, responsibility and compassion for another
living creature. To assist owners and other rescues in times of need.

H.O.R.S.E. Inc. © Copyright 2000-2012 All rights reserved
Photos By Paula Carver
Adopted Bo 2012,
His story is below.

Bo Rescued from a swamp pasture,
Bo Abandoned and Neglected left in a pasture.
Bo a Quarter Horse is 200 pounds underweight, had no coggins, vaccinations,
his teeth had points, valleys and they have to be floated. His body and face were
covered with rain rot,he also needed repeated worming to slow kill the worms. His
Hooves were over grown and needed repeated trimming to correct their shape.
Joe 5 years old       Buddy 2 years old    Sunny 5 years old                     Bo 2 years old
All Cockatiels are  up for adoption $25 fee each with approved application, applications  located at link
button to the left on menu bar. Some cages available for an extra $15.00
                                   "WE NEED YOUR HELP"

We are having a high influx of calls for feed assistance. We are averaging 3-4 a month that we can assist but an average of 6-7 calls at this point. If
we can help these owners to feed the horses for a temporary period of time we can prevent a increase in starving horses. We need donations for our
feed program disparately. Please mark any donation FEED BANK if you would like to help another pet owner in need.